village updates - daysi condori

Daysi Condori's Story

I have children of my own and I alone am left to support them with my own labor. I do sewing for people, blankets, sweaters, etc, but also make products for the Italians. I want my children in school. I am poor and I have no help. I have no advocate in the government so I prefer just to go forward. We will be fine. Our group is confident that we will have more buyers for our products and more help for our group. In working with CHOICE, we feel good!

In time, we will have our group very well organized. We are constantly improving. We are soliciting the help from other organizations as well, and soon we will be a large organization with many women who, like me, want to work hard to support their children, because we women see ourselves as not only mothers to our children, but FATHERS as well.

-Daysi Condori, President of Sum Q'hora