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To submit your donation, please fill out the following information and select a onetime donation or reoccurring donation. You will receive an email confirmation receipt once submitted. With your support our work will continue to inspire and empower motivated villagers throughout the world to end poverty. Thank you again. Together we make all the difference! If your donation is restricted, please note the restriction in the comments section.


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Are your tax deductible donations and corporate giving money reaching those who need it most? Or is your money being squandered on bureaucratic inefficient organizations? Here are 5 reasons to donate to Choice Humanitarian now.

  • Efficiency: 86 cents of every dollar reaches the field. Our annual independent audit shows that 86 cents of every dollar is spent on programs. Just 14 cents goes to program administration. The money you donate is used efficiently. It goes directly to those who need it most.

  • Scalability: Every dollar invested is multiplied 4 times through partnerships. A core component of the CHOICE methodology is to teach villagers how to leverage funds. As a rule CHOICE does not pay 100% of any project. In-country staff trains villagers how to network with governments, non-government organizations, corporations and others to match project funds. Villagers are required to contribute to projects with land, materials, labor or other resources.

  • Experience: Model proven over 30 years. CHOICE has learned a great deal over the past 30 years. Our methodology has proven successful across differing countries, cultures and governments. The most important measure of our success is not what villages can do during our work together (3-5 year process), but what they are able to accomplish after we have completed our work. That’s when true sustainability is achieved.

  • Fiscally Responsible: 4-Star Rating. Charity Navigator evaluates 5,500 of the largest NGO’s in the US to determine fiscal responsibility and transparency in funds. CHOICE Humanitarian has earned Charity Navigator’s highest ranking of 4 Stars for being fiscally responsible and transparent in all financial matters.

  • Accountability: Native In-country staff ensures accountability. Every dollar sent to the field is accounted for with receipts sent to HQ. Each country also receives an independent audit.


At CHOICE Humanitarian, one of our goals is to make every dollar do as much good as possible so we focus on work that creates independence. With your support, remote and impoverished villages learn how to define and complete various projects in the areas of water, education, health, and micro-credit. Through this process villagers create positive ongoing changes for themselves. Eventually, they no longer need our support and begin to find their own solutions to poverty. This is our ultimate goal.

We know that you are surrounded by opportunities to give.  We are honored that you chose to support CHOICE Humanitarian. Your confidence and support inspires us and the villagers to produce sustainable change.