be a guest blogger

Be A Guest Blogger

CHOICE Humanitarian welcomes guest bloggers who have a life-changing story to tell from their experiences with CHOICE. Please share your stories, your experiences will inspire others. It will take ALL of us to end poverty. The more we share, the closer we get. Tell your story, because if you're not telling it, who is?


The blog post should be - 1 page in length. Within the post, we would like you to answer at least two of the following questions in your post:

  1. What motivated your company to go on an expedition with, or partner with CHOICE?
  2. How did your company or employees benefit?
  3. Share specific experiences that you want others to hear.
  4. What advice do you have for other companies/individuals considering something like this?
  5. What about the country's culture did you find most interesting?
  6. How did you see the CHOICE model in action?
  7. Why should others go on expedition or support the work of CHOICE?
  8. If you are a volunteer, what do you do as a volunteer, and what motivated you to volunteer for CHOICE?
  9. What has your relationship with CHOICE taught you about poverty?

Please email your post to Please include an image from your experience. Upon review and approval, CHOICE will post your post, specifically noting your name and recognizing you as a guest blogger, and we will notify you so you can link to the blog post and share it in your social media circles. We will also push your blog post out via social media.

We reserve the right to edit submitted posts as appropriate. If your image content or resolution doesn't work with the blog, we will find an appropriate photo to post in its place.

CHOICE Humanitarian sincerely appreciates your contributions to ending poverty.