Nepal — 03 December 2007
Seed Program in Nepal

Kiran Neupane shared a story about a seed program in the village of Chhaharepani.

In a meeting with CHOICE-Nepal, villagers from Chhaharepani came up with the idea of vegetable framing in fertile patches of land in the village. The villagers were seeking assistance for building green houses and purchasing seeds.

With CHOICE-Nepal’s financial help, villagers in Chhaharepani built a greenhouse and started seedlings in it. This has produced enough vegetable plants and seeds to meet the local demand. This is a self-sustaining social entrepreneurship. The revenue generated from selling vegetable plants and seeds will be deposited in a bank and become start up capital for next year.

MADE NEPAL, an NGO, has committed to providing technical assistance and training for the villagers on vegetable farming. The users’ committee will manage fertilizer and equipment needed for the farmers.

Thanks to the newly constructed road, the village has now been connected to the nearby markets: Beshishahar, Sundarbazar, Dumre, and Bhotewadar. Villagers are planning to set up a cooperative to facilitate marketing and selling. CHOICE-Nepal’s help played a crucial role in setting up this social enterprise.

Now the villagers have taken this concept one step further by networking villages and setting up similar users’ groups in the neighboring villages. As of September 7, 2007, eleven groups had been set up.

The seed money provided by CHOICE-Nepal has been a seed to connect the people.

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