Eagle Scout Connects Neighborhood to Remote Villages in Guatemala

Guatemala - Nov2006 -2

CHOICE looks to end poverty by creating very personal and real partnerships between people here and villagers looking to change their lives.

Recently, a boy scout in Alpine, Utah was the catalyst for one of these very partnerships. Tyler Winger organized 14 of his fellow scouts and hit the pavement, talking to 200 neighborhood families about how they can help a remote village in Guatemala.

As part of his Eagle Scout Project, Tyler gathered both educational materials and funds to be given to a school in Nueva Concepcion, Guatemala. The response was overwhelming, and the scouts ended up with over 120 pounds of supplies and $2000!

For Thanksgiving, Tyler and a group of expeditioners ventured to Guatemala to deliver the supplies (seen above giving to the one of the teachers of the school at Sajonte). Because of the generous donations of the Alpine neighborhood, they were actually able to help 4 villages and install a solar light system for a school.

Solar light may seem an unusual project (seen here as they install at the school), but it is a huge breakthrough for this region, where electricity is inaccessible. As a result of this system, the school will be able to hold adult literacy classes at night – literacy rates among men and women are extremely low, less than 10%. They will also be able to hold community events and meetings for development.

Through Tyler and his charitable neighbors, thousands of lives have been changed in a remote region of Guatemala!

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