Spectrum Health Care Visits Xalibe…


A few employees from Spectrum Health Care of Canada just returned from their expedition to Xalibe. Projects were finished, hearts were touched, and memories were created that won’t soon be forgotten.

  • Washbasins (pilas) were installed in every home! The pilas will make a huge difference in every household. Watch Jorge Chen, CHOICE’S in-country director for Guatemala, share just how much of a difference the pilas make… click here to watch our video at Change.org – our fundraising site.
  • Installed solar panels on the school, allowing 3 hours of light in the evening for adult literacy education.


From the words of Robert Sokolich, a Spectrum Health Care employee on the expedition:

I saw a child walking barefoot in the rain. I saw a child with a jug of water on his head, walking up a muddy hill. I saw a child walking for miles, barefoot, in the rain and mud, to get food. I saw a child carrying a 60lb. bag of sand on his back, barefoot, in the rain. I saw a child sleeping on a plank of wood in a little bamboo shack. I saw a baby sleeping in a sack, hanging on a rope. I saw a child washing clothes on a piece of rock. I saw a child caring for an even younger child. I saw a child doing things that only an adult “should” do, but still, I saw that same child SMILE!


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