First Female Village Leader Hired in Guatemala

Expedition-Group-gift-to-the-Seokoc Savings Box

Delia Ical joins the CHOICE Guatemala team –

A local school teacher, highly educated and a natural leader, Delia is officially hired on and will be working with the villages in the Chulac region. On our recent conference call, our in-country director, Javier gushed about the success Delia is having and how unique she is,

“Delia has no fear, she is even willing to drive pick-up trucks.”

For those that have spent time in remote, rural Latin America – you know how uncommon it is for a woman to both be able and/or willing to learn to drive.

Delia is unique because she is educated and has a natural tendency towards working with people. While she is only in her mid-20’s, villagers of all ages respect her and turn to her for guidance.

She is currently working with the various savings box programs (one in Seokoc seen here), in fact there are so many started, she has them scheduled each day a week. She also continues to teach school, has started additional literacy classes for adults and will begin a nutritional education program – teaching the women how to prepare foods that will add to their diet. We anticipate great things to come from Delia and the women of the Polochic!

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