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Hilalta Arribe: Duality of Life

3.15.08 We arrived to the CHOICE center and soon thereafter left for our first village visit – Hilalta Arribe, about 20 minutes outside of Viacha, on the Altiplano of Bolivia. Greeted by flags and several community [...]

What is that sound??? [...]

Women’s meeting in Chimaxiat [...]

Meaning of “Ma sa le chole” Translation: “We are here with the women’s group in the community of Chimaxyiat. We’re all used to saying “Ma sa le chole”. It’s an important greeting that means “Is your heart happy?” it’s an endearing [...]

Student in Xalibe [...]

Update on School/Health Post in Xalibe In 2006, an innovative company in Toronto adopted this community and started the Health Post/School Project. This is a hybrid initiative for CHOICE – combining education and health for maximum impact in such a small [...]

Kekchi song at Xalibe School [...]